translation related design services
Ronykan has dedicated groupcovered of the top DTP and designers in the translation industry.Ronykan is the best Multi-lingual DTP Services Company in Delhi. Most translation documents require some type of DTP to ensure that the final output appearance is as similar to the original document. For documents with heavy visuals and a complex design layout, DTP plays a dynamic role in ensuring that the translated text fits the original layout and graphic design. Otherwise, the final output, while translated correctly, could look unprofessional or improper. At Ronykan, we ensure that you receive not only the highest quality translation, but also that the final output is consistent with the source document. To ensure the quality we use following software and many more.

♦ Microsoft Word
♦ Microsoft Excel
♦ Microsoft PowerPoint
♦ Corel Draw
♦ Adobe Acrobat Professional
♦ Adobe InDesign
♦ Adobe PageMaker
♦ Adobe Illustrator
♦ Adobe Photoshop
♦ Adobe Premiere
♦ Adobe Flash
♦ Adobe Dreamweaver
♦ AutoCAD & many more